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A review by Josh Lacey in the Review section of the Guardian, July 7

And a review by George Pendle in the Weekend magazine of the Financial Times, July 7

Barbara Gunnell has written a very positive review of The Final Call in the June 28 edition of the New Statesman. I particularly enjoyed the opening line: “It can’t be easy being Leo Hickman.” That’s what I keep telling people, but nobody seems to listen…

The Guardian published the last of its three extracts of The Final Call this weekend…

  1. G2, May 21 2007 (Tallinn, Bangkok and Ko Phi Phi)
  2. G2, May 22 2007 (Dubai)
  3. Travel, May 26 2007 (Costa Rica)

Another intriguing report in Travel Weekly revealing the latest findings in Expedia’s Best Tourist League. It seems the Brits have managed to shed the ‘worst tourist’ tag at last and pass it onto the French…

Although the British were noted for their poor tipping, bad behaviour, poor dress sense, untidiness, and noisy nature they were no match for the French tourists’ unwillingness to speak local languages, tight-fistedness and impoliteness. However, British hoteliers were in no doubt that their countrymen still made for the worst guests.

Travel Weekly reports on a fascinating survey by AXA Travel Insurance that claim that five per cent of Britons aged 16-64 have been to 20 countries or more on holiday, whereas one per cent (300,000 people) have been to 50 or more – the so-called “mega travellers”. The average Briton has been to seven countries. The survey also claims that 2.9 million British adults have never been abroad on holiday and a further 2.3 million have only been on holiday abroad once.

…and the S2 features section of the Scotsman runs an interview with me today.